War files with kerbros.

Tadoori (EXT), Vilas vilas.tadoori.ext at siemens.com
Wed Jul 1 09:54:22 EDT 2009

Dear All,

My application generates a .WAR file and we deploy the same on TOMCAT or WEBLOGIC.

I have written a client application using the JAAS and GSSAPI framework which talks to the KDC/Kerberos server that I have setup on the Suse Linux.
The MIT Kerberos version is krb5-1.6.3
My application gets the token from Kerberos and writes it to my hard disk.

My question is:

How can I register the .WAR file running on a webserver like TOMCAT with MIT Kerberos version krb5-1.6.3

Appreciate your participation.


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