Matthew Devine mdevine at opendemand.com
Wed Sep 17 14:32:43 EDT 2008

So I created my test environment locally, 1 Linux KDC machine, 1 Linux
apache web server w/ Mod_auth_kerb and 1 Windows XP machine to act as a
client.  Now I set this all up on Friday and then I was able to connect
with, using the tickets that I obtained from Kerberos for Windows.  IE would
actually prompt me with the KFW window for the principals password and then
it would send the correct negotiate header.  Now I was able to verify this
through use of Wireshark, so I actually saw the negotiate header getting
returned from both browsers.

Today though, when I try to connect with IE, it doesn't sync with KFW at
all.  It just populates the negotiate header on its own which fails.  This
is simply a test environment so I don't have any full blown domains setup.
I'm not quite sure how it happened but what would I needed to do to have IE
use KFW for its negotiate, if its even possibly.

Much appreciated,

Matthew Devine

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