AFP not working for cross realm

Ken Hornstein kenh at
Mon Sep 8 10:07:13 EDT 2008

>I have configured AFP for kerberized authentication. It is working fine with
>simple kerberos authentication,but with cross ream i am not able to mount
>using the command 
>mount_afp afp:// /test2
>i am getting all the cross realm ticktes and the service ticktes and  I have
>verified the kvno off all the principals , everything is correct.
>The error is 
>AFPMountURL returned error -5019,error is -5019

If you're getting the cross-realm tickets, I am _guessing_ that the issue
is one of authorization - your cross-realm identity isn't allowed to mount
that particular filesystem.  That is a guess.  And if that is the problem,
I have no idea how to fix it.


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