KfW and Vista

petesea@bigfoot.com petesea at bigfoot.com
Mon Jul 28 19:03:53 EDT 2008

I have a special installer (NSIS) that first installs KfW and then starts 
the NIM so the user can enter their Kerberos password and then accesses a 
server via SSH/GSSAPI.

On Win XP, this works fine.  Vista on the other hand seems to run the NIM 
in a different context or session or something.  It's running as the same 
user, but credentials available via the NIM are not available via command 
line clients (ie running klist from the command line says there's no 
credentials even though the NIM says there are).

If I run "Process Explorer", I see there are 2 - krbcc32s.exe processes 
and I presume that means they are using separate credentials caches?

Is there any way to force a NIM that was started via an installer so it 
uses the same credential cache as the command line kinit/klist/kdestroy?

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