Test Environment

Matthew Devine mdevine at opendemand.com
Thu Jul 10 08:55:32 EDT 2008

So I'm looking for a little guidance on setting up a Kerberos environment
from scratch simply for testing purposes (I.E. No Domain Controller or
anything yet).  I'm looking to actually set up this environment and then
kerberize an apache web server running on Windows.  Then verify it all
working by having a third client machine try to connect to apache.  If
someone could just help point in the right direction just to get things
started it would be a big help.  I found lots of tutorials and have a pretty
good understand but most of them start you off with already having the
domain set up and they all refer to using AD as the domain controller.

1.	What should I use for setting up a domain using Linux as my PDC?
2.	Can I install the KDC on the same machine as the PDC?
3.	When I finally install Apache on the Windows machine, should I
install it as a Domain User or just as a local system user?

Thanks again for the assistance, 

Matthew Devine

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