Help reqd: Query regarding Kerberised application available with MIT

Bhushan Jain bhushan1988 at
Tue Dec 23 11:53:49 EST 2008

Hello ,
  Greetings for X'mas Holidays.

I had few queries regarding some of the kerberized application
avaiable with MIT. Can anyone help me address them.

FTP Query:
While I want to decide which ftp ( server and client)  I need to use,
I came across the following doubt. Can any of the Kerberos gurus help
address this.
1. When should I use 'sftp' and when should I choose to use MIT
kerberized 'ftp' ? Which one is better under what cirumstances or what
are the pros and corns between the two ?
2. Does 'sftp' client be inter-operable with MIT Kerberized 'ftpd' ?

HTTP Query:
- Does any of the open source httpd support Kerberos ? Does Apache
support kerberized httpd and http ? Any clue? I hope they do as
kerberos is the future.

- NFS V4 on Linux supports Kerberized auth plus per message
encryption, but does SAMBA support kerberized auth with per message
encryption ?


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