Missing parameters in krb5.conf required for kadmin client

Richard E. Silverman res at qoxp.net
Mon Dec 15 23:15:04 EST 2008

>>>>> "DB" == david bracken <brackmeister2 at gmail.com> writes:

    DB> Hello, Before I throw myself off a bridge in frustration, I
    DB> decided to whip out my laptop and post a message to the kerberos
    DB> mailing list.

    DB> I've got a RHEL5 box authenticating against a Win2k3 box. SSO
    DB> doesn't work though because I can't run kadmin. Normaly AD logins
    DB> work, just not SSO.

    DB> Here is what I tried:

    DB> kadmin addprinc -randkey host/adtest1.test.company Authenticating
    DB> as principal unixadmin/admin at TEST.COMPANY with password.  kadmin:
    DB> Missing parameters in krb5.conf required for kadmin client while
    DB> initializing kadmin interface

    DB> and here is the relevant part of my krb5.conf:

    DB> [realms] TEST.COMPANY = { admin_server = intt9dc1.test.company:88
    DB> kdc = intt9dc1.test.company:749 master_kdc =
    DB> intt9dc1.test.company:749 default_domain = test.company
    DB>  }

    DB> According to the source code, I need the following defined:

    DB> I really can't see the problem. Can anyone push me in the right
    DB> direction?

    DB> David

Perhaps: "kadmin -r TEST.COMPANY" ?

  Richard Silverman
  res at qoxp.net

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