Multiple realms in one krb5.conf

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Mon Dec 15 11:52:29 EST 2008

James Chavez wrote:
> Hello list,
> I have a question that I need assistance with.
> I have a Windows 2003 AD setup.
> The forest consists of 3 domains. 
> So the we will say the name is 
> and there are 3 domains.
> Is it possible to configure the krb5.conf on a station so that kerberos
> can service login requests for each of the 3 domains?

Maybe, but it is not clear what you mean.

> Is this as simple as adding an entry for each realm in the realms
> section of the krb5.conf file.

That is part of it, although DNS could be used to find the realms.

You say logins, so I as assuming that the station is Unix based.
Login would use PAM with a pam_krb5, and the station above will
need to have a principal in one of the realms and a keytab
to match.

But if a user is in one AD doamin and the server is in a different
AD domain, this would be cross realm and the pam_krb5 would have
to so some additional checks.

Kerberos only does authentication you still need to authorize
the user to login.

Start here, as this gives the basic concepts:

> Thank you
> James
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