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Thu Dec 11 11:10:57 EST 2008

Anuraggwl wrote:
> To give some background of my application, i am developing web application
> which will support Kerberos SSO on windows platform. It means that if some
> user logs in to Windows Client Machine and opens my application then my
> application will not throw any login screen . It will use Logged-in user
> credentials to login to my system.
>>From browser perspective, i am using SPNEGO support to get Kerberos ticket.
> My Web application can be deployed in reverseProxy or load balanced
> environments. In addition to that, there is a requirment to support kerberos
> login even if some end user tries to access internal app server directly
> i.e. by passing proxy. 
> For example, i have deployed my appllication on and
> revese proxy url is So basically user can use both url
> to access my application.
> URL1 : ( Reverse Proxy )
> URL2: ( actual app server )
> SInce i am using browser SPNEGO support so browser takes care of creating
> SPN to get Service Ticket from KDC. For example, if enduser opens URL1 (
> ) then browser create SPN like below:
> However, if enduser access intenal server URL2 ( ) then
> browser create SPN like below:
> I could register both these service in different accounts in Windows KDC.
> however, to make things simpler i tried putting all services in same
> account. 

That does not make it simpler. Keeping keys in sync in much harder then
having two accounts...

> However, irrespective of how i create the SPN's in KDC, on my server side
> code, i can have only one Service which can be either
> "HTTP/ at" or
> "HTTP/ at"

RFC 2853 GSS-API Java Bindings says:
  " The creation's of an GSSContext object allows the value of "null" to
    be specified as the GSSCredential input parameter.  This will
    indicate a desire by the application to act as a default principal."

The questing then is how does Java determine the "default principal"
on the server side. If they did it the way I think it should have been done,
they would  accept tickes for any of the principal listed
in the keytab file.

I don't know if Java does it this way or not. You may have to try it and
look at the source.

Another approach, If your application knows what URL the user has used,
then you could use the GSSname  to pass in the GSSContext.

> i dont know is there a way in Java GSS API where i can load Java Subject
> objects with services credentials  from multiple keytab file.

Make sure you keytab file has both entries. You can use the ktutil
to merge keytab files.

> It seems that Java GSS API reads "principal" property from Kerberos conf
> file. 

No, you passed it in with the GSSname.

> If map both the URL's to same user account in KDc 

mapping in AD has nothing to do with Kerberos protocol. It has to do
with using the same passwrod to generate keys for all UPN and SPNs
associated with that account.

> and then register
> ""HTTP/ at"" as principal in kerberos
> configuration file 

That would be the keytab file.

> then my server code can accept secuity context with any
> of the service ticket ( i.e.  ( HTTP/ at" Or
> HTTP/ at"

> I dont know is this the correct behavior where browser request the Service
> Ticket for different URL URL2( or Service) and server code validates using
> some other account URL1 ?
> Is there a way to accept security context by overriding Principal attribute
> in kerberos conf file?
> Douglas E. Engert wrote:
>> GSSName takes service at host, not principal.
>> GSSName does not take a realm. The realm is determined
>> internaly to the GSS.
>> So in your case the GSSname would be HTTP at SPN2
>> (Still don't know why you have to use a single AD account with
>> two SPNs, rather then two separate accounts.)
>> Anuraggwl wrote:
>>> Can someone please tell me what should be the correct behaviour of Java
>>> GSS
>>> API if get the service token for Service Principal 1 ( SPN1) and on
>>> server
>>> accept it using Service Principal 2( SPN2) where both service principal
>>> are
>>> mapped to single user account in KDC( windows 2003).
>>> I am using windows 2003 as KDC and both SPN1 & SPN2 are registered in
>>> single
>>> user account. for example, if my user account is websvr then i run
>>> following
>>> command setspn to set these SPN's to websvr account.
>>> setSPN -A HTTP/SPN1 at MyRealm websvr
>>> setSPN -A HTTP/SPN2 at MyRealm websvr
>>> I have also mapped SPN1 as primary SPN using ktpass mapuser.
>>> In my Java Client program, i request the service ticket for
>>> HTTP/SPN2 at MyRealm and pass it to Java Server code. On Server side, i have
>>> following kerberos config file
>>>  {
>>> required isInitiator=false
>>>   storeKey=true 
>>>   doNotPrompt=true 
>>>   useKeyTab=true
>>>   keyTab="c://websvrKeys.keytab" 
>>>   principal="HTTP/SPN1 at MyRealm" 

Do you really need this principal entry? Is this what is causing it to only
use one entry in the keytab???
"You can use principal option to set the principal when there are credentials
for multiple principals in the keyTab"
This sounds like if you don't specify principal, it can use any entry
in the keytab, and dont use the GSSname to set the principal.

>>>   realm="MyRealm"
>>>   debug=true;
>>> };
>>> Please note that i am using JDK5 and i cant upgrade to JDK6 so i cant use
>>> isInitiator flag to false to avoid contact with KDC for authentication.
>>> Is this Principal Name is mandatory attribute here ?
>>> Since HTTP/SPN1 is my primary SPN and JDK5 GSS first perform the
>>> authentication in KDC so i cant use HTTP/SPN2 as principal in kerberos
>>> config file.
>>> I am seeing following behaviour.
>>> 1) Java GSS Server code is able to validate the service ticket ( for
>>> SPN2) 
>>> and on server, we still have SPN1 in conf file. is this correct behaviour
>>> ?
>>> It seems in other Kerberos API,i get "WRONG PRINCIPAL IN REQUEST" ?
>>> 2) is it possible to accept kerberos ticket using some other GSSName. for
>>> example, my config contains principal as HTTP/SPN1, can i use HTTP/SPN2
>>> in
>>> my server side code like below :
>>>                 GSSName sname =  mgr.createName("HTTP/SPN2 at myRealm,
>>> null);
>>>                 GSSCredential clientCreds =  mgr.createCredential(sname,
>>>                                               krb5Oid,
>>>                                               GSSCredential.ACCEPT_ONLY);
>>> When i do that i get Error "Unable to get kerberos key in keytab."
>>> However,
>>> i have both SPN1/SPN2 in keytab file.
>>> Note that if in my server code, if i put GNAME as null then JAVa GSS API
>>> gets GSSName from kerberos config file by reading principal.
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