Using Apache with mod_auth_kerb

Ansgar Burchardt ansgar at
Mon Dec 1 18:43:28 EST 2008


I have a small problem with mod_auth_kerb and Firefox 3.0:
While authenticating via Kerberos works fine from a computer located in
the same domain, I cannot get Firefox to authenticate from my home

I have a Kerberos ticket and Konqueror handles the Kerberos
authentication just fine, but Firefox seems to have problems.  So far I
have only found that the option
has to be set by me (I set it to `', the web server I
wish to authenticate to is `'.  I have also tried
different combinations).  All other `negotiate-auth' related settings
still have their default values.

I'm using Debian Lenny and the included version of Firefox.

I am also not quite sure what the network.negotiate-auth.delegation-uris
is supposed to do.  Will it pass the TGT to the server?


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