S4U extensions in MIT Kerberos?

Rok Papež rok.papez at arnes.si
Tue Aug 26 03:30:33 EDT 2008

Hello dear Kerberos gurus!

For some project I need to use S4U extensions in Kerberos. We've already 
implemented this using Heimdal API however the target platform is 
unfortunately CentOS/RHEL which uses MIT Kerberos.

Does MIT Kerberos API support S4U extensions? I need to implement
both S4U2Self and S4U2proxy. If yes, is there any documentation/examples
how to use those in MIT Kerberos API?

Reference for S4U:

I already tried googling for MIT Kerberos and S4U however I always
find just the Microsoft pages :(. Grepping through MIT sources
also didn't help me much -- but then again I wasn't sure what to
look for ;).

Best regards,
Rok Papež.

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