Group permissions on OS X volume ignored by Kerberos since Server crash

COLsupp c.mills at
Tue Aug 19 06:55:18 EDT 2008

I have an 10.4 OS X Server running OD that is integrated with a Win AD
Kerberos system.

Shares are connected to the OSX Server via SCSI RAID, Groups are managed
through OD and the users imported into the groups from AD. All was working
fine until the OSX Server crashed and a forced shut down.

On restart the primary HD was not recognised and the Mac server booted to a
secondary volume, intended as a disaster recovery volume only and not
properly configured (i suspect this is the root of the problem).

Server was then rebooted again off the correct volume. Since then, POSIX
Group permissions just don't work. Owner and Everyone is fine, but Group is
simply ignored.
I know this is a Kerberos issue because if the ticket is destroyed and AFP
is used there is no problem. I've unbound the OSX server, re-bound and
checked that all is well in the krb5 keytab and that all services point to
the correct realm. 

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