Is a Kerberos principal always a DNS name?

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Fri Apr 25 13:08:14 EDT 2008

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>Douglas E. Engert wrote:
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>> > Is a Kerberos principal always a DNS name? Can't an IP literal be used?
>> I think they must be names, but don't have to be in DNS. The name could
>> be in /etc/hosts. The client and server must agree on the name of the
>> server, and the KDC has to have a service principal for the server.
>> IPs don't tend to work, and the IP number of the service changes,
>> with DHCP for example, each service would have to have a keytab
>> with the old and new IP numbers, which is not practical, and could
>> have some security issues.
>I thought that sometimes it would be convenient to have a principal
>like host/[]@MY.REALM to be able to ssh into without
>giving it a name. This is not possible, is it?

It's just a simple[1] matter of coding... Out of the box I don't
think it's possible. RSA keys make a lot more sense in that 
scenerio, IMHO. 

_ Booker C. Bense 

[1]_ For excedingly high values of simple... 

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