max number of requests/sec (on KDC)

Vladimir Konrad v.konrad at
Wed Apr 23 12:02:56 EDT 2008

> > If you are running jobs under the same keytab, why not have one that
> > kinits with the keytab and then sequentially runs each thing that
> > you want run using the same krb5cc for each job?
> >
> > You can just have all of these jobs share the same ktb5cc and NOT
> > kinit multple times.
> You can also use k5start -H, which will only obtain new tickets if the
> existing ticket cache is going to expire.

Thank you all, i put one job to periodically k5start using keytab and
set the jobs to use the same KRB5CCACHE (as k5start), each of them runs
aklog using this cache.

Seems to work...


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