Is it necessary to assign hostname to slave KDC in small letters for KDC propagation?

Juri Dakua jdakua at
Wed Apr 23 10:51:43 EDT 2008

Asper Kerberos V5 Installation Guide, it sounds like
Database propagation works using the host principal of the slave KDC.
I have assigned the hostname of the slave KDC as TESTSLAVE having domain
name as and created the host principal as
host/ My DNS server also returns on IP address lookup. 

However the database propagation from master KDC fails giving the error

kprop: Server not found in Kerberos database while getting initial

On the other hand, keeping all configurations same and just creating the
host principal as host/ rather than
host/, makes database propagation succeed. 

FYI: all goes well if I assign the hostname in small letters
(testslave), create the host principal accordingly
(host/ and configure DNS server to return the
same on IP lookup (

>From this it seems like kprop tries to do database propagation using the
host principal for the FQDN with hostname in all small letters
( rather than the actual FQDN assigned.

Is it mandatory to have to slave KDC hostname assigned with all small
letters or am I missing something? 



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