sendmail as MSA and client side GSSAPI

Victor Sudakov vas at
Mon Apr 7 21:56:04 EDT 2008

Nicolas Williams wrote:
> > I followed up on March 19th on the list.  I seem to recall my e-mails to
> > you bouncing, so see the list archives.

> Right, because your sender address is obfuscated.  Guess what: when I
> post my reply including the non-obfuscated form of your address then all
> will be able to see it.  

Why would you want to post a reply including the non-obfuscated address?
You don't need my address to post to Usenet.

> Please don't obfuscate your sender address.

In today's Usenet you have to obfuscate the address because of the
address collecting robots. Should someone want to reply by private
mail, the obfuscation algorithm is pretty obvious to the human eye.

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