strange issue with KfW 3.2.0

David Bear David.Bear at
Wed Oct 24 20:49:56 EDT 2007

I installed KfW 3.2 specifically to aid with getting openafs tokens.

The windows xp box is joined to and AD domain. However, our
authenticating realm for afs is is MIT kerb 5 kdc.

When I installed KfW I used my own kerb config files four our ASU.EDU

I tested getting and destroying tokens, and all worked well.

Then I had the user log in to the laptop using her AD domain
credentials. KfW and NiM gave errors that it could not get credentials
in the requested realm.

So using NiM configuration I went in to options->general and looked at
the kerb realms and nothing was there. 

So I logged out, logged back in as myself, and the realms are there
and all works.

Log back in as the other user, no realms.

Any idea what might be happening here?

David Bear
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