1.6.3 plugins/preauth/pkinit/configure script error

Jeff Blaine jblaine at kickflop.net
Tue Oct 23 15:26:38 EDT 2007

That worked...

Tom Yu wrote:
>>>>>> "jblaine" == Jeff Blaine <jblaine at kickflop.net> writes:
> jblaine> ./configure --disable-dns-for-realm
> jblaine> ...
> jblaine> ./configure: line 6255: syntax error near unexpected token `in'
> jblaine> ./configure: line 6255: `for ac_func in'
> jblaine> configure: error: /bin/bash './configure' failed for plugins/preauth/pkinit
> Try deleting from the offending "for" command down to the comment
> "# XXX This is incorrect, but should cause -lcrypto to be included by default"
> or alternatively, if you have autoconf installed, delete the
> "AC_CHECK_FUNCS()" from the configure.in and run "./util/reconf" from
> the top of the source tree.  (If you happen to have maintainer mode
> turned on, the Makefile will run automatically autoconf to regenerate
> the script, but most people won't turn on maintainer mode.)
> ---Tom

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