Problem in access NFSv4 space as the root user when using krb5 security flavor

Ido Levy IDOL at
Tue Oct 16 05:27:54 EDT 2007

Hello All,

We are trying to understand the behavior of a system that support automount
by NFSv4 with security flavor krb5.
We have both Linux and AIX clients and when logging to these clients as the
root user we have noticed that:

1) From the Linux client  as the "root" user  we are able to access (cd,
ls, df )  NFSv4 mount point without any kerberos ticket.
2) From the AIX client as the "root" user without any kerberos ticket we
got "permission denied" error  when trying to cd to the mount point and its

We are using AIX-5.3 as NFSv4 server and RHEL 5/AIX-5.3 as NFSv4 clients.
We are wondering what should be the normal behavior of such scenario.

We would appreciate your advice

Ido Levy
IBM Haifa Labs, Israel
Office +972 4 8281082

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