Users occasionally kicked after pam_krb5 login

Norman Elton normelton at
Wed May 23 10:14:33 EDT 2007


I have a RedHat 5 client authenticating users against a Mac server
(running OS 10.3). For the sake of testing, I've created a local user
on the client machine, with the /etc/shadow entry configured to
authenticate the password via pam_krb5.

The user can login fine. But about 20-30% of the time, they are
immediately kicked off. I can see a bash prompt flash on the screen,
then it immediately disappears, and the user is returned to the login

This doesn't happen for users with local passwords. I have rebuilt the
client machine a few times, and the problem is reproduceable. We have
not had problems with RedHat 4.

Any ideas on what would cause a kerberos user to get kicked off a machine?


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