Joining a multiple realm AD environment

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Sun May 20 14:57:59 EDT 2007


Using PAM for Kerberos authentication is in reality against the way Keberos 
works. If you use a keberised client like SecureCRT on Windows or a patched 
putty for ssh you won't have the problems.

Trying the different domains is only a hack as most applications can not 
deal with a username like user at LOC1.


"Chris Penney" <penney at> wrote in message 
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> On 5/18/07, Douglas E. Engert <deengert at> wrote:
>> Chris Penney wrote:
>> >
>> > Ah!  I see.  I used the pam_krb5 that Douglas noted and the pam config
>> > lines you noted and it works basically as intended.
>> >
>> > Do you still have to do this even if you add the system to AD via a
>> > "User" account?
>> Microsoft used a mis-leading term when they said to add the machine as
>> a "user".  You are adding a service principal for the machine into a
>> realm. With AD that also means it needs an account, which looks like
>> a "user" account, but in Kerberos terms has nothing to do with the user.
>> So each user must be registered with a principal and (AD account), and
>> each service must be registered with a principal and its own AD account).
>> If you have cross realm setup then each user only needs to be in one 
>> realm,
>> and each service only needs to be in one realm.
>> You did not indicate that you have cross realm set up. i.e. the ADs have
>> some cross domain trust.  But if it works as intended, then it must.
>> A klist would show an extra TGT like krbtgt/LOC1.DOM.COM at LOC2.DOM.COM
> Yes, LOC1 and LOC2 trust each other, though I'm not clear that I'm
> leveraging that.  When I say working as intended it's probably
> incorrect.  I just mean that if I have an entry in the pam config file
> for each realm all users can login simply because pam trys user at LOC1
> then user at LOC2, etc.
> Is this a normal way of handing this?  Is setting up .k5login with
> user at LOCx the best way to avoid iterating through all the realms?
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