Error while authenticating using mod_auth_kerb module

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Make sure you have everything setup as per this doc.

Also download kerbtray. Its part of Windows 2000 Resource Kit. It will
give you an idea of the ticket status.

Post the results back, I can help you on this. We just completed rolling
out a site with Linux-Apache-mod_auth_kerb-AD for a userbase of 6000+.


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Hi All,

I am using mod_auth_kerb module on Apache web server to authenitcate
user based on the Windows login. 

The token based authentication is not sucessful and am getting
"authorization required" message after providing credentials through
pop-up three times.
Basically teh issue is with the token povied by IE. It is NTLM instead
of kerberos token.

I googled on net and found the the issue is with IE settings.
I followed the *resolutions* mentioned at the following link

i.e enabling IWA through browser.
Adding site to intranet list
Disabling proxies

But still not able to get Kerberos token from IE

Following is the message in Apache log
Warning: received token seems to be NTLM, which isn't supported by the
Kerberos module. Check your IE configuration.

Can someone help me resolve the issue?


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