kinit: Key table entry not found while getting initial

Daniel J. Priem daniel at
Tue Oct 31 16:08:05 EST 2006

"scoco" <sandro.coco at> writes:

> Hi Kerberos experts,
> could anyone help me in addressing this issue since I am a T-O-T-A-L
> newbie in Kerberos.
> I have to retrieve kerberos credential in Solaris 5.8 (SEAM 1.0.1)
> using a windows2003 Active Directory as KDC, and I am compelled to use
> the credential of a user different from Solaris' user.
> Let's say I work with user appadm on Solaris and user
> domuser at resource.corp in AD.
> AD administrator generated a keytab for my Solaris user in this way:
> Ktpass -princ kerberos/domuser.resource.corp at RESOURCE.CORP -mapuser
> domuser -pass [passwd of domuser] -out domuser.keytab
> and gave me the domuser.keytab file.
> I configured krb5.conf and stored the content of this keytab file in
> /etc/krb5/krb5.keytab via ktutil:
> ktutil:  rkt domuser.keytab
> ktutil:  l
> slot KVNO Principal
> ---- ----
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
>    1    4 kerberos/domuser.resource.corp at RESOURCE.CORP
> ktutil:  wkt /etc/krb5/krb5.keytab
> ktutil:  q
> Now I think my krb5.conf is correct since I am able to get a TGT via
> kinit in this way:
> kinit kerberos/domuser.resource.corp at RESOURCE.CORP
> then I enter domuser's password and with klist I can see the TGT.
> But I need to obtain the credentials without entering a password since
> the kinit command has to be put in the startup script of an
> application. So I tried this:
> appadm 99% kinit -k kerberos/domuser.resource.corp at RESOURCE.CORP
> kinit: Key table entry not found while getting initial credentials
> :-S ...nothing useful found till now to explain this... what's wrong?

Key table entry not found while getting initial credentials
This means it could not found the credentials entries. in the keytab.

try kinit --keytab=/etc/krb5/krb5.keytab \
kerberos/domuser.resource.corp at RESOURCE.CORP

IIRC the default keytab is /etc/krb5.keytab not /etc/krb5/....

> Any help appreciated.
> Thanks in advance! :D
> Sandro

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