Compile problems on Solaris 2.6

Marcus Watts mdw at
Thu Oct 26 18:38:55 EDT 2006

tomaddox at writes:
> I'm using gcc version 3.4.6 (Sunfreeware package) and GNU ld 2.11.2.
> threads.c:36: warning: missing braces around initializer
> fake-addrinfo.c: At top level:
> fake-addrinfo.c:1331: error: variable `krb5int_in6addr_any' has
> initializer but incomplete type
> fake-addrinfo.c:1331: error: `IN6ADDR_ANY_INIT' undeclared here (not in
> a function)
> Has anyone seen problems like this, or does anyone know what might be
> causing it?

The warnings are because recent versions of gcc are much pickier
about many thing.  Most of those warnings probably don't matter;
many of them may be due to things in system include files which
you can't easily address (although perhaps the people who packaged
up gcc 3.4 for you might).  A few of those errors may matter; for
instance the alignment complaints are telling you that gcc
could in theory emit code elsewhere that will crash at run time.
That's probably not actually true, but the compiler can't know that,
and you won't know for sure either until you run it.

The error is most likely because solaris 2.6 doesn't actually implement
ipv6.  There appear to be lots of places in that file that need
#ifdef KRB5_USE_INET6 wrapped around bits of ipv6 code.  If you get
something that compiles (or better yet runs) you should probably
submit it as a patch to the MIT folks.

				-Marcus Watts

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