How to use the "useFirstPass" option of Krb5LoginModule

Seema Malkani Seema.Malkani at Sun.COM
Thu Oct 12 20:33:42 EDT 2006

JAAS supports the notion of stacked LoginModules. These configuration 
options enable to share username and passwords across different 
authentication modules.

You'll to first need to use the "storePass" option in your first login 
module to store the username/password in the shared state. Then the next 
login module can use "useFirstPass" to retrieve the username/password 
from the shared state of the first login module in the stack.


lizhong wrote On 10/09/06 01:48,:

>Hi all,
>    The "useFirstPass" option is mentioned here:
>    As follows:
>    The Krb5LoginModule also recognizes the following additional Configuration options that enable you to share username and passwords across different authentication modules: 
>    useFirstPass   if, true, this LoginModule retrieves the
>                   username and password from the module's shared state,
>                   using "" and
>                   "" as the respective
>                   keys. The retrieved values are used for authentication.
>                   If authentication fails, no attempt for a retry
>                   is made, and the failure is reported back to the
>                   calling application.
>    I tried to set the "" property of the system, but why nothing happened? The Krb5loginmodule still didn't find any user name. Could someone tell me the reason?
>Li Zhong
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