OpenSSH and Kerberos

Christopher D. Clausen cclausen at
Tue Oct 10 17:21:46 EDT 2006

Ian <hian at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am new to Kerberos. I want to set up passwordless logon from Linux
> workstation clients to a Linux server using SSH via Kerberos. I have
> designated one of the secure Linux workstation as the KDC. Kerberos
> and OpenSSH were installed on all my Linux workstations and the
> server by default.
> Doese anyone has the step by step instructions for setting up the
> configurations for KDC, SSH server, and SSH clients? Your help is very
> much appriciated.

This is sort of specific to our environment, but:
might be of use to you for the SSH setup.

The MIT docs on setting up a KDC were easy enough for me to follow 
whenever I've needed to do it.  If you say what Linux distribution you 
are using, someone might be able to help you out with more specific 

Christopher D. Clausen
ACM at UIUC SysAdmin 

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