help with Active Directory Kerberos authentication

Christopher D. Clausen cclausen at
Fri Oct 6 19:38:12 EDT 2006

Russ Allbery <rra at> wrote:
> Rohit Kumar Mehta <rohitm at> writes:
>> Kerberized telnet does not seem to work.
>> nfsv4etch:~# telnet -k AD.ENGR.UCONN.EDU -l rohitm nfsv4etch
>> Trying
>> Connected to nfsv4etch ( ?  Uhh, that doesn't look right.  Edit the /ets/hosts file on 
the machine you are logging into and put the actual IP address on the 
line with the FQDN of the machine.  You want something like:

[cclausen at sleepless:/]% cat /etc/hosts       localhost.localdomain   localhost  sleepless    clortho       enzo

Christopher D. Clausen
ACM at UIUC SysAdmin 

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