Event Viewer Question

Smith, Chris G. cgsmith at TotalComfort.com
Wed Oct 4 15:43:07 EDT 2006

Hello MIT!
  I was looking at my event viewer on my server and was wondering what Kerberos was when I came across it trying to log on to the machine.  I read the 'What is Kerberos' on your website but I still have a question.  Is logging on, or attempting to, under Windows 2003 Server Edition a normal thing for Kerberos?  The computer was signed on and then locked by the Administrator and the Security Log report that their were log ons/log on attempts.  Does this mean that someone else is trying to access the server and Kerberos is preventing them or is this Kerberos's sequence of operations?

Much appreciated MIT team.
Chris G. Smith
Total Comfort of Wisconsin, Inc. 
CGSmith at TotalComfort.com <mailto:CGSmith at TotalComfort.com> 

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