Solaris ssh pam_krb

Ken Hornstein kenh at
Fri Mar 31 15:56:08 EST 2006

>First-class multi-application PAGs would not be so cheap in the kernel,
>and there would have to be a finite number and registry of applications
>to prevent resource consumption attacks.  Adding applications to the
>registry would be a complication (you don't want to have to reboot for
>that) requiring privilege.

I read your stuff about multi-application PAGs, and I guess I didn't
understand it.  I mean, it seems like if you want to store multiple
"blobs" (which is all I envision PAGs as doing), it's not THAT much
more work.  If you're concerned about space, just put a fixed limit
on how big those blobs can get (my thinking was that there's a field
in the process, or maybe the creds structure, that points to the PAG

>> (I am personally not worried about the API; I'm sure whatever the API ends
>> up being, it will be fine.  It's the implementation that concerns me).
>Do you prefer a kernel-land implementation?

Well .... given my druthers, I'd prefer that the BLOBS (e.g., what is
likely going to be Kerberos tickets/keys) be in the kernel.  I guess I
don't care if there's a userspace daemon that does management of those
blobs; I'd just rather not have the blobs in userspace.  But I'd even
be satisfied with what you describe, as long as the inheritance model
was the same as PAGs today.


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