MIT kerberos compatibility with RFC

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Wed Mar 29 09:02:45 EST 2006

>>>>> "prashant" == prashant sodhiya <prashant_sodhiya at> writes:

    prashant> Hi, Can anybody please clarify me, that whether the MIT
    prashant> kerberos latest release (1.4.3) is compatible/adheres to
    prashant> RFC 4120 and RFC 4121.

We comply with RFC 4121.
For the most part we comply with RFC 4120.
Here are the ways in which I don't think we comply with 4120:

* We don't reject unknown authorization data
* We use DNS in ways prohibited by the spec for hostname canonicalization
*  We do not implement directional addresses

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