Kerberizing a unix based application

Ziangi Jones ziangij at
Thu Mar 23 09:33:46 EST 2006


 I have joined a linux machine (Red Hat Linux Enterprise Server) to Windows
2003 Server Domain Controller. I have also configured Kerberos and TGT is
received properly (verified using KLIST) & even telnet is working properly.

Please answer my 3 questions:
1. Assume i have setup Kerberos successfully; if I log-in from my Windows
desktop and try to do telnet to linux machine, then does it mean that i need
NOT enter login name & password; I will get the successful telnet prompt.

2. Here, do i need to ensure that login user name has to be SAME in both
Linux & 2003 Server AD? Do i need to maintain some kind of mapping?

3.If the above assumption (i.e. no login name, password required) is
correct, then please let me know from where should I really begin with. i m
kinda lost with all the information available on the net.
(i have already configured Kerberos-SSO for a Desktop application using SSPI

Thanks in advance. :)

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