/usr/kerberos/bin/ksrvtgt equivalent in KRB5?

Richard E. Silverman res at qoxp.net
Fri Mar 17 00:29:24 EST 2006

>>>>> "MP" == miles purdy <miles.purdy at shaw.ca> writes:

    MP> When using kerberos 4 on my SP System (AIX 5.1) I used the
    MP> command: /usr/kerberos/bin/ksrvtgt rcmd $HOSTNAME

    MP> to get a TGT in a script.

    MP> Is there any equivalent in kerberos 5?

kinit -k -t keytab foo at REALM

where "keytab" holds the key for that principal (e.g. created with kadmin
"ktadd -k keytab foo at REALM").

  Richard Silverman
  res at qoxp.net

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