Solaris 10 ssh logins + w2k3 AD native mode

Luke Howard lukeh at
Thu Mar 16 19:43:15 EST 2006

>Secondary objective #B: ssh (putty) from windows -> sol 10 box ... 
>automagically login by Active Directory's kerb ticket (not hostkeys).  I 
>have seen it working using Centrify ($) PAM mod on the Linux, and no 
>mods to windows box.

As Wyllys points out, you need some way of retrieving nameservice
information from Active Directory; this is the other piece of the

Commercial options include:

- Centrify DirectControl
- Vintela VAS
- Services for UNIX with bundled NIS Server (or PADL gateway)

Open source options include:

- SAMBA winbindd
- PADL nss_ldap
- Solaris nss_ldap

-- Luke


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