Kerberos failing pthreads assert when running in php+Apache2? (Mac OS X 10.4.5)

Jonathan Williams jonathan.williams at
Wed Mar 15 16:17:09 EST 2006

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the helpful email. I think your guess was spot on -- after  
a successful rebuild of both mod_auth_kerberos and my php extension,  
I was in a stage where I am able to get *either* to work in Apache. I  
chucked the

On Mar 15, 2006, at 2:40 PM, Ken Raeburn wrote:

> From the fact that you mention disabling thread support in  
> Kerberos, I assume you're building and installing a copy of krb5  
> from MIT, rather than using the version of KfM included with the  
> operating system?

I was building Apache, Kerberos, PHP etc. using DarwinPorts and had  
assumed that this would prevent these from linking against the system  
Kerberos libraries ( 

I tried with MIT/DarwinPorts Kerberos uninstalled and everything  
works again. (I only [thought] I needed the DarwinPorts Kerberos  
while I was testing phpkrb5.)

Hopefully, this will save some other DarwinPorts user from these  
issues. (Sidebar: Does anyone know what the OS X equivalent of  
Linux's `ldd` is?)

Also: If anyone finds my move of phpkrb5 to PHP5 useful, feel free to  
send diffs, etc.

Jonathan C. Williams
Web Programmer
Steinhardt School of Education
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