[modauthkerb] mod_auth_kerb, virtualhost and Firefox/Safari

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Tue Jun 27 14:04:28 EDT 2006

Douglas E Engert <deengert at anl.gov> writes:

> Some comments on this approach. It appears that you are trying to
> correct a fundalmental problem in the underlying Kerberos gss
> implementation.

Well, actually, I'm doing GSSAPI cargo cult programming, but your way of
phrasing that sounds so much nicer and more sophisticated.  :)

> On the server/acceptor side, if the gss_acquire_cred is called with a
> GSS_C_NO_NAME, (or the gss_init_sec_context is not passwd a
> crede_handle) then any principal in the keytab should be acceptable,

> In the MIT krb5-1.4.1 if the call to krb5_rd_req in
> accept_sec_context.c: at line 405 has the cred->princ == NULL then the
> krb5_rd_req will look in the keytab for the principal requested by the
> client.

> We have a mod for this, see attachment, which would also allow for a
> service principal in multiple realms. This mod was sent to the Kerberos
> list a few years ago but never acted on by MIT. as far as I know.

Aha!  So this doesn't work currently with MIT Kerberos but would if your
patch were applied?  Am I reading your message correctly?

Is this patch already in RT?

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