Kerberos + SSH question

Sebastian Hanigk hanigk at
Sun Jun 25 14:56:10 EDT 2006

none at nospam.none (Nod) writes:


>>you don't have to use LDAP for the accounts service; you can
>>authenticate via Kerberos and then use the /etc/passwd
> Indeed, but I'm trying to avoid deploying updated passwd files to 100+
> servers.

Sure, I haven't read the (grand-)parent posts until now ...

At my workplace we're currently switching to LDAP for distribution of
user data and Kerberos for authentication; I would recommend the PADL
homepage as one other poster already has.

If one runs NIS on the network, I believe there is the possibility of
switching to Kerberos for authentication while still using NIS for the
name services.



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