Kerberos Overwrite Emergency

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Sat Jun 17 04:03:56 EDT 2006

On 2006-06-16 15:32:22 +0200, Brittany.R.Lewis at Dartmouth.EDU (Brittany 
R. Lewis) said:

> Hi, I just recently graduated Dartmouth College where we were required 
> to use Kerberos for a variety of secure programs online. I just bought 
> an Intel Macbook in March and had installed kerberos about a week ago.

MacOSX has kerberos built in, the GUI manager is in 
/System/Library/CoreServices/. The only hack to do is to create (touch 
is sufficient) a krb5.conf.

And last, *what* did you install and *where* it came from? Did you 
*just* install something or did you do something else? What did you do 

> There were instantly os x problems, and a log in screen came up after 
> restart. there were no users listed and all password changes in the os 
> x install disk didn't work.

What had happened? Could you log in? The description above doesn't make 
much sense to me.

> I called Applecare and they said Kerberos must have overwritten my system.

It's not their business if you install something on the system that 
deeply changes your OS. Better if you called someone at MIT :)

> I tried to firewire to another mac to get my very important data from 
> the harddrive, but the other computer (ibook) could not recognize the 
> disk.

Do you mean this? You restarted the non-working system holding down 
``T'' (was it? or ``F''? Anyway, the ``firewire drive'' mode). Then you 
saw the firewire logo floating on the screen and you could safely plug 
in the mac with a fw cable on another one. Nothing was shown on the 

> I'm at a complete loss as to what to do now, but desperately need the 
> information off of my harddrive. Please let me know how I can go about 
> remedying the situation without having to erase and restore. Thank you.

Something screwed your hd probably. Did you try the Disk Utility on a 
working mac while the other is connected in firewire mode? Did you try 
to look at the logs on the working drive (in /Applications/Utilities)?

Anyway, try those things.

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