Kerberos for Windows is Spyware according to CounterSpy

Jeffrey Altman jaltman2 at
Wed Aug 23 23:26:57 EDT 2006

CounterSpy should have fixed this problem in definitions version 397
that was scheduled for release today.

Jeffrey Altman

Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> The spyware is broken.  Obviously the HKCU\SOFTWARE\MIT\ key is per-user
> configuration information being created in an application space defined
> by MIT.
> Jeffrey Altman
> petesea at wrote:
>> I had a report from a user that his Anti-Spyware software says Kerberos 
>> for Windows contains SpyWare.
>> The Anti-SpyWare software is CounterSpy:
>> And the scan reports:
>>    Crystalys Media Browser Plug-in  more information...
>>    Details: Crystalys Media is a browser plug-in that shows advertisements
>>             in the browser window.
>>    Status: Ignored
>>      Infected registry entries detected
>>      ...
>> and then lists (I think) every registry entry under HKCU\Software\MIT.
>> Any ideas?  Is this a problem with the SpyWare software itself?
>> UPDATE:  I had the user do multiple scans at various times during the 
>> installation of KfW.  First he removed KfW and checked to make sure the 
>> HKCU\Software\MIT and HKLM\SOFTWARE\MIT trees were gone.  Did a scan - it 
>> was clean.  Then installed KfW, but did not start the NIM, scan - clean. 
>> As soon as the NIM is started it apparently detected his Windows domain 
>> and imported those tickets... I believe this triggers the creation of the 
>> HKCU\Software\MIT registry entries and after that his scan shows spyware.
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