Kerberos and iTunes

Michael B Allen mba2000 at
Wed Aug 23 23:05:33 EDT 2006

On 23 Aug 2006 13:24:56 -0700
"IUDavid" <daltenho at> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I've been trying to put a podcast under Kerberos authentication. We've
> successfully configured Apache to use Kerberos with a Web browser.
> However, when I post a .xml file for the podcast, and use the "itpc://"
> protocol, it will bring up iTunes, but will not provide any access to
> the podcast file or associated tracks. It says "An unknown error
> occurred (500)."
> Has anyone ever had success getting iTunes to work with Kerberos?

Does iTunes do Kerberos authentication? If so and you have access to
systems that exhibit the desired behavior then get a packet capture
using Ethereal, tcpdump or netcap.exe. Then look at it under Ethereal
to see what it's doing exactly.


Michael B Allen
PHP Active Directory SSO

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