Different access ritghts for users in centralized authentication

Alvaro alvaro.arenas at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 12:54:54 EDT 2006


I don't have any knowledge of Kerberosand I want to know if the
following problem can be solved with it:

I have a network with several windows 2003 servers and linux ones (red
hat enterprise edition). I want to build a centralized authenticated
system. I know that this is possible with Kerberos. But I need
additionally that some users have administration rights in only certain
servers (they may be either linux or windows), for others they will
have just user access and for others not access at all.

Is this possible with Kerberos?
How is this done? (in general words)

I suppose that to grant the administration rights the users should
belong to some "admin" group, which must be different for each machine.

Thank you in advance,


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