Openssh, kerberos and Solaris 10

Glenn Barry glenn.barry at
Wed Aug 9 21:02:45 EDT 2006

>> libraries in...  Not even sure they have GSSAPI at all, maybe just GSS? 
>>   Does anyone have any hints on this, or has anyone ever done it?  Or 
>> maybe a better place to post?
> The Kerberos API was private in Solaris for a long time because there
> were concerns about stability of the interface.  Use of the GSS-API (man
> libgss) was encouraged because this was deemed more stabled and was
> described in standards docs.  Things have changed and I believe Sun will
> be making the Kerberos lib API public in an upcoming Solaris 10 update.

That's right, it's slated for an Solaris 10 update release.  And note
it's in Solaris Express and OpenSolaris now.  See libkrb5(3LIB) and
krb5-config(1) in the latest Solaris Express and on, I
don't see the man pages but here's the putback msg:

If you use it and have issues, drop me a line.

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