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Paul Palacios paul at
Fri Aug 11 23:10:22 EDT 2006

We have actually made mods to FileZilla to support the CCC command to
allow use through a firewall (firewall could not follow state and port 
commands while in 'private' or 'safe' mode. It wouldn't take too much 
effort to have it set the xfer channel to 'C'lear.

If you still need it, email me directly (may not be considered 
appropriate discuss possible mods to FZ in this list :-) ).

Paul Palacios
paul at

Mike Dopheide wrote:
> Please don't laugh.
> Some of my users have a need for a Windows FTP client that works with KfW. 
> Wait, it gets better.
> The only two I'm familiar with are FileZilla and Kermit 95.  The problem 
> is that the specialized server they need to connect to doesn't support the 
> ftp PROT command (ie, unencrypted data streams only).  So while the unix 
> command line 'ftp' works, 'ftp -x' does not.  I don't have any control 
> over the server in question, so I can't just upgrade that side.
> Enter FileZilla.  When contacted about adding an option to remove PROT, I 
> was told they are likely to be removing GSS support entirely due to the 
> lack of a test environment.
> Enter Kermit 95.  They do have an option for PROT 'clear', but issuing 
> PROT still causes the server to respond with an error.  The biggest 
> problem here, of course, is that Kermit costs money so I haven't contacted 
> them about the option I need yet.
> Are there any other FTP clients out there that work with KfW?  Command 
> line is fine.  I'm willing to put in some time on this, but to be honest 
> I'm not an applications programmer.  I'm definately not a Windows 
> developer.
> -Mike
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