Openssh, kerberos and Solaris 10

Erich Weiler weiler at
Tue Aug 8 19:49:14 EDT 2006

Hi all-

I'm not sure this is the correct place to post about this but I'm 
getting no response over an, if there is a more appropriate 
place to post please let me know...  And the people at Sun scream at me 
for even considering openssh when they supply their own version of SSH 
which I'm not extremely fond of.

Basically I'd like to compile OpenSSH with Kerberos support on Solaris 
10.  Solaris 10 comes with SEAM, Sun's port of MIT Kerberos.  SEAM works 
great, no problem there.  My problem is:  Does anyone know how to 
compile openssh on Solaris with native SEAM kerberos support?  There is 
a --with-kerberos=/dir compile time option with openssh but Sun doesn't 
seem the have a single "directory" that they keep their kerberos 
libraries in...  Not even sure they have GSSAPI at all, maybe just GSS? 
  Does anyone have any hints on this, or has anyone ever done it?  Or 
maybe a better place to post?

ciao, erich

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