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Mon Feb 21 04:07:24 EST 2005

Dear Sheryl,

fortunately I can give an affirmative answer to your question. :-)
And here are some hints/details on how it worked for me:

2.1 Configuration of Kerberos

1. Download krb5-1.3.5.tgz from
   (Read the security advisories for the known vulnerabilities. Newer releases
   than 1.3.5 may also work. I didn't test them, a colleague was successful with 1.3.6)

2. Untar and compile it as a shared library:
	tar xvzf krb5-1.3.5.tgz
	cd krb5-1.3.5/src

	a.) For 32bit instances (e.g. on solaris, linux):
		./configure --enable-shared
	b.) For 64bit instances (solaris):
		./configure CC="cc -xarch=v9 -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=500 -D__EXTENSIONS__" --enable-shared


	then as root:

	make install

3. Edit /etc/krb5.conf appropriately.

2.2 Configuration of the external SAP SNC Adapter

1. Download from

2. Unzip it:

3. Modify the provided sncadapt/Makefile:
	XNAME = snckrb5

4. For a Solaris instance modify the provided sncadapt/build.SunOS:
	a.) For 32bit instances:
		VENLIB="-L/usr/local/lib -lgssapi_krb5"
	b.) For 64bit instances:
		CFLAGS="-xarch=v9 -Xa -g -DXDEBUG=1"
		VENLIB="-L/usr/local/lib -lgssapi_krb5"

To compile for 64bit, your path should contain /opt/SUNWspro/SC5.0/bin

5. Compile it:

	cd sncadapt

7. Copy the resulting file to the appropriate location:
		cp /usr/local/lib 

It could be that you have both instances 32bit and 64bit on the same machine. In this case you need to install the 64bit version to a different directory, then you can specify the location with --prefix=<your_path> to configure.

I wish you good luck and a nice day,


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Betreff: Compiling Kerberos

Dear Calin,

I have just read your email to the Kerberos mailing list about trying to
compile Kerberos on a sparcv9 architecture.

I am getting the same errors, and have tried different compilers flags etc
with no luck.

Did you end up with a successful 64-bit compilation? 

Sheryl Bruggy
Systems/Network Administrator - Unix
Southern Cross University

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