Kerberos, POP3

Mukul Sabharwal mukul at
Sat Feb 19 23:48:44 EST 2005


I had a few questions, which are puzzling me, and not many resources (at
least none I could find seemed to answer the question in a way I could

My understanding:

> Client talks to Authentication Server (AS) Authentication Server talks 
> back to Client

The above communication I think seems to be 

bash$: kinit user
password for ...

I have a TGT now. This is about all I can fairly grasp. Beyond this point,
many resources say, that the client sends the service name or whatever to
the Auth Server, seems confusing.

Now that I have a TGT, what really happens, is the program (ktelnet, or
rlogin for example suppose to do something, like talk to a Ticket Getting

I'm in the program quarters. I'm wanting to build a pop3 reader, so I wanted
to know if my program has to talk to any other service, and then relay some
info to the pop3 service.)


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