AD Domain Authentication to MIT Kerb V

Matt Joyce syslists at
Fri Feb 18 01:54:52 EST 2005

So I can authenticate on my 2003 AD box to my MIT Kerb V realm and login 
as my mapped user.

I've gone over my docs a few times.  Checked my is and ts for dots and 

I am befutteled (spelling?). 

Do I create DNS entries for the Real name as if it was a Domain?
Do I synch Domain username passwords to their mapped principals and 
expect my MIT realm tickets to show up in leash along with the Domain 
Tickets I see?
Are the domain tickets I am seeing for the domain really MIT Kerb 5 
tickets?  Are they related to the service tgt I created for AD?

What's going on?  Docs?  Thoughts?  Anything at all would be again 
greatly appreciated.

-A very confused but somewhat elated Matt Joyce

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