RC4-HMAC encryption even when DES has been specified

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Wed Feb 2 13:21:57 EST 2005

>>>>> "Pattison," == Pattison, David <david.pattison at siemens.com> writes:

    Pattison,> Hi guys, I'm having trouble using Kerberos over HTTP on
    Pattison,> Windows (Win2k client, server and KDC). I know this is
    Pattison,> strictly an MIT Kerberos list, but I've also seen
    Pattison,> archived posts on Windows AD help, and I really am at
    Pattison,> my wits end with this.

no, this list is actually not specific to MIT Kerberos.  It's a
gateway to the comp.protocols.kerberos news group, which is quite


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