Kerberos for Windows 2.6.5 and error 193

Jeffrey Altman jaltman2 at
Mon Sep 27 08:34:25 EDT 2004

The RPC communication between the KFW 2.6.5 krbcc32.dll and krbcc32s.exe
failed.  This may be the case if RPC is disabled; if you have more then
one version of KFW installed on the machine; or if krbcc32s.exe is 
unable to successfully start.

Jeffrey Altman

Mos wrote:

> Hi everybody !
> I install KfW today on a Win98 machine, but I have an error 193
> (Creditential cache I/O file ... krb5-cc-default failed).
> Does anybody can explicit that for me ?
> Thanks a lot
> Mos

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