Two basic (and probably stupid) Kerb5 questions

Konstantinos Agouros elwood at
Sun Sep 26 14:55:35 EDT 2004


I am just in the process of getting started with Kerberos (mainly for securing
NFS) on Solaris.

First question: I know I have to set up principals for each user (and host/
service etc). What if I already have a established userbase. Is there an easy 
way get principals for every user? Or do I really have to do this by hand?

Second question (more NFS related): Am I right that in order to access NFS
mounted directories (or is it the mount-operation?) I need to have a ticket?
The background is, that the NFS in question is used for an application that
uses NFS to share data. Since the applications start autmatically on boot there
is klogin happening so they might probably be denied access. Is there a good
way to solve this besides someone sitting at the reboot (and whenever the login
expires) and entering the password to get new tickets?


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