ktutil error reading keytab from ktpass

Tyson Oswald oswaldt at ameritech.net
Fri Sep 24 09:30:11 EDT 2004


I am setting up SEAM on Solaris 9 and trying to read a keytab that was 
generated with ktpass.  I am generating the host principal for my 
server and when I first did it with ktvno set to 1 it imported, the ktnvo on 
the account is much higher, so it woun't authenticate.  So I am trying 
to import a new keytab with the proper ktvvno and I get the following 

rkt: Unsupported key table format version number while reading keytab 

I am using the instructions from 

the command on wxp I am ruiing is

ktpass -princ host/sunserver1.domain.com at myDoamin.com -mapuser 
sunserver1 -pass -password -ktvno 4 -out machine.keytab

What does this eror mean? Is there a way I can update the ktvno in the 
keytab without using ktpass?


Tyson Oswald

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